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About Us

AcademixDirect, Inc was founded in 2006 focusing on lead generation in the education industry.

We are Educational Matchmakers. Helping students on their journey to select and connect with the right colleges. Partnering with schools to help them identify, qualify, enroll, and retain students using proprietary matching technology and tailored solutions.

We operate on the belief that schools and students can succeed together. What keeps us motivated are the lives and communities impacted by the opportunities that are unlocked through education.

Our mission is to unite students with schools.

Our vision is to boost outcomes and democratize education access.

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We stand by our values:

People come first.

We value our team, our clients, and the students we serve.

Integrity is at our core.

Transparency and compliance are priorities in all we do.

Results drive us.

Data-driven optimizations and decision-making propel our growth.

What We Do

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Lead Yield Management

Get the best performance from your EDU lead generation efforts through our proprietary Degree.Me student research portal, our highly curated Partner Network, and our dedicated analysis and optimization team.

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Lead Qualification & Transfers

Let us help you qualify your EDU prospects to increase your speed-to-lead through our conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI),

ACE Agents and proprietary Lead Management System (LMS), ACE.

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